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ADSR Zine is an online, quarterly publication that features diverse work from contributors who are, or who work with contemporary practising artists in Australia. Functioning from an 'art begets art' premise, we value the process of reflection, translation, interpretation, critical response and active engagement with Australian art and performance.


We believe that the artist is not only an expert in their field, but offers an important voice beyond the scope of their primary discipline. Artists are offered space to move beyond this scope to embrace naivety, presenting the sweep, the details, or a combination of both.

As a magazine with a strong interdisciplinary focus, our online format allows for the delivery of written, sonic and visual resources to present, support and facilitate discourse between practising artists. We are influenced by the wave of 70’s and 80’s experimental music and art publications (NMA, Sounds Australia) which were platforms for creative and innovative solutions to writing and conceptualising experimental work.

ADSR Zine is a volunteer-run platform that continues to exist because of the generosity of our contributors and a deeply shared enthusiasm for artistic exchange. From our hearts, thank you.


Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release: these words, from electronic sound synthesis, present the conceptual underpinning of each section of the zine, and offer potential conceptual provocations for contributions. Contributors may use these words in any interpretive way they wish, or disregard them entirely.


an immediate and succinct interrogation of something specific in one's art practice or creative process.


a longer-form exploration of work/s through approaches of breaking down, reflecting on, responding to or extending further.


the release of media responses to work / the release of new work.


Current Editors

/ Elia Bosshard

/ James Hazel

Previous Editors 

/ Sonya Holowell 001-012

Cover Artists

/ Karlina Mitchell 016-018

/ Eliza Savage 013-015

/ Nadia Odlum  007-012

/ Elia Bosshard, 001-006

Website design

/ Elia Bosshard


/ Elia Bosshard

/ Sonya Holowell

/ James Hazel

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